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Glenn Perryman

CEV Multimedia
iCEV Territory Manager
Lexington, N.C.
A CTE teacher of 33 years and 14 years with iCEV online.  A resident of Davidson County, N.C. married to Jacque Perryman for 47 years, 2 daughters, 3 grand kids.  Active in church activities, loves surf fishing, golf, skeet honey do and just spending time with family and friends.  

CEV Multimedia, Ltd., founded in 1984, is on the forefront of innovative educational materials, specializing in providing quality curriculum for Agricultural Science & Technology education.

With an extensive instructional library of more than 35,000 edited minutes of video, CEV is the nation's leading producer of Career and Technical Education (CTE) materials, producing multimedia-based courses of study, both year-long and semester. Throughout the company's 30 year history, CEV has always teamed with recognized specialists, educators and publishers nationwide to create quality, accurate and appropriate content in efforts to retain student interest and facilitate learning.

In 2012, CEV introduced iCEV, an online platform revolutionizing the way CEV produces and delivers educational content. iCEV is the most comprehensive, online resource for agricultural science educators and students. With iCEV's learning-on-demand capabilities, video clips stream instantly to PCs, Macs, smartphones, tablets, and essentially any device with Internet capabilities. Organized into learning objectives, the site's sophisticated search feature makes it easy to find desired content, and its unlimited access to more than 750 judging classes and other CDE training materials is perfect for producing successful teams.

Regardless of delivery model, CEV's goal is the same - to create engaging curriculum aimed at providing students with the focus and preparation needed for successful transition from K-12 to postsecondary studies to career success.