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Alison Vanstory

Averitt Express
Human Resources Coordinator
I am one of the HR Coordinators for Averitt Express covering the Carolinas, VA and Eastern TN.  I have been with the company for 26 years, starting as an Administrative Associate, moved into an Administrative Leadership role over the Charlotte, NC location, and now in my current role.  

The transportation industry is always going to be a huge part of our economy.   As we all know over the last couple years, supply chain in moving goods has been backlogged at the ports throughout the US causing delays in much needed products arriving to us.   There are many different types of jobs within the industry so there is something for everyone whether you intend to continue your education beyond High School or not.  Opportunities just out of High School working on our dock, loading and unloading trucks learning how freight moves and gets delivered.  Once 21, if you want to learn to drive we have a free training program for employees, or you can go to a CDL school and get your license.    We also employ administrative/customer service type positions, Dispatchers, Dock Supervisors and supporting roles for both of those.  If you love selling and go to school with that in mind, we have Sales representatives that get businesses to use our company to ship their product nationwide.  You can learn about so many different avenues such as Brokerage, International shipping, Port/Container shipping, air, and rail.  Feel free to talk to me about your path to a great career in Transportation/Logistics.